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Contact IC Smart Card

Card Cube is a professional contact IC smart card supplier, we are focus on kinds of contact IC card, such as SLE5542, SLE5528 etc.

Contact IC Smart Card
  • Contact IC Smart Card
  • Contact IC Smart Card
  • Contact IC Smart Card
  • Contact IC Smart Card

Product Introduction

Supply Ability:5,000,000 pcs/Per Month

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Contact IC smart Card

Contact IC Memory Cards are wildly used in different applications such as health insurance, enterprises, club, advertising, traffic, super market, parking, promotion, visiting etc. They are equipped with the simple memory chip, which is applied for data storage, and the chip can be read or encoded by contact IC card reader & writers.

Contact IC Smart Card Chips

There are different available chips for Contact IC cards, details as below:

IC Chip Type

Memory size

Atmel AT24C02/04/08/16

2K/4K/8K/16K bits

Infineon SLE4428/5528

256 Bytes EEPROM

3 Bytes secret code

Infineon SLE4442/5542

1024 Bytes EEPROM

32X1 bits Protection Memory

Other customized or compatiable chips


1) Material: PVC, PET, laminated

2) Size/Dimensions: CR 80- ISO 86mm*54mm, or customized size

3) Thickness: 0.84mm or other customized thickness is available

4) Printing/Color: CMYK 4C offset printing, single or full color on both sides. And also pantone colors or silk-screen printing color.

5) Craft:

a> Finish: Glossy, matt, forested

b> Magnetic stipe: 3 tracks magnetic stipe, LOCO 300 oe; HICO 2750 oe, encoding for magnetic stripe

c> Barcode: Code 128, Code 39, EAN-13 etc.

d> Hole punched, hot stamping gold/silver color,signature panel, embossing number, UVserial numbers, UID chip number printing etc.

6) Packaging: 200pcs/box, 10boxes/carton or 20boxes/carton for standard size card, or customized boxes and cartons as required

7) Lead time: 7-10 days after approval for standard printed cards

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