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Can disposable wristband be waterproof?

What is the performance of the disposable wristband bracelet? And Is it waterproof?. This is a professional problem.

Whether the disposable bracelet is waterproof is mainly determined by the material of the disposable bracelet. But almost all disposable bracelets on the market today are waterproof.

rfid waterproof bracelet.jpg

1.Like DuPont paper medical wristband, it is waterproof and breathable DuPont paper, not easy to tear;

2.Like a PVC film handwritten wristband, it is also waterproof PVC;

3.Needless to say, the plastic disposable wristband is inherently waterproof;

whether the RFID wristband with market potential is waterproof ,is based on the attached medium, such as embedded in a thermal wristband or a silicone wristband.

Therefore, as a hot market product, the disposable bracelet is waterproof, which is a basic feature.

Source:Card Cube Group   Author:Card Cube   Click:   Update:2018-10-30 9:23:29

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